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Beautiful modern window sills in a wide range of amazing embossed designs

Metal window sill in Mesh Pattern in aluminium

The window sill is not only a structural part of window design, but an important decorative feature as well. Depending on the room they are used for displaying photographs, photographs, momentos, small indoor plants and flowers, vases with different floral decorations, and the list goes on.

Window sills provide the all important decorative touch to any windows design, and for beautiful homes we think there should also be beautiful sills.

Whether installed wth the window, or installed in place of an existing window sill, our fabulous made to measure cast aluminium window sills can be simply installed, and provide the ultimate finish for modern and period homes alike. 

Choose from our growing collections of decorative window sill designs which include paisley patterns, geometrics patterns, textures and even personalised window sills with your name or other design. All our windows sills are robust, are easily cleaned, will never rust, and hand polished to provide the wonderful polished aluminium accents.

If you have any questions please contact us via the link below, and we would be delighted to work with you on bespoke window sill designs.

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